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Prayers from the Heart

Product# 460681692
Selling for $19.95

A beautiful gift book of prayers that nurture a deep and ongoing dialogue with God in the midst of our hectic lives.

Freedom of Simplicity

Product# 460682435
Selling for $7.99

"Richard Foster, founder of the RENOVARE program for spiritual renewal, points the way to finding harmony in a complex world. In this warm and inviting guide to creating a more human style of living, Foster guides readers on the simple path toward finding God by learning to listen, to give, to understand, to show compassion, and to accept what they already have."

Shadow of the Almighty: The Life & Testament of Jim Elliot

Product# 460766263
Selling for $11.95

'Elizabeth Elliot's account is more thant inspirational reading it belongs to the very heartbeat of evangelic witness'....Christianity Today