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Bread for the Journey: A Day Book of Wisdom and Faith

Product# 458504532
Selling for $13.95

"Provides 365 interlocking meditations that consider the joys of living in conversation with God and guide readers on a path of personal discovery that includes refelections on love, kindness, suffering, and religious faith"

The Best Spiritual Writing 2002

Product# 460681253
Selling for $15.95

"Hailed as 'a significant addition to the spiritual writing of our time,' '(Publishers Weekly),' this inspiring series brings together profound and lyrical writing about art, intimacy, prayer, love, meditation, and faith from some of the world's most distinguished writers. This provocative volume includes: Nobel Prize-winner Toni Morrison's elegy of love for 'The Dead of September 11; ' Bill McKibben's 'The Muslim Gandhi,' the moving story of the Afghan liberator Abdul Ghaffar Khan, one of the greatest nonviolent leaders of the twentieth century; 'Prayer,' a poem by the Nobel Prize-winner Czeslaw Milosz; Barry Lopez on the role of the modern naturalist as an emissary for nature; from 'The New Yorker,' Philip Levine's poem 'Gospel'; and Harvey Cox on a Christian appreciation of the Torah."

John of the Cross: Selections from the Dark Night and Other Writings

Product# 460681569
Selling for $11.95

"Presents excerpts from the sixteenth-century Spanish mystic's most famous work, The Dark Night of the Soul, about the struggle of the soul to find God and the role of darkness in the spiritual journey, accompanied by some of his other mystical writings. Original. 30,000 first printing."

Ruthless Trust: The Ragamuffin's Path to God

Product# 460681624
Selling for $18.95

"This beautiful 20th anniversary edition of the classic Celebration of Discipline (one million copies sold) will motivate a new generation of seekers to embark on a journey of prayer and spiritual growth. Celebration of Discipline Has Shown a Generation of Christians the way to an enriched spiritual life infused with joy, peace, and a deep understanding of God. With a new introduction, this timeless guide by Richard J. Foster shares his original insights on the inward disciplines of prayer and meditation, the outward discipline of simplicity, and the corporate discipline of celebration. With a wealth of examples he illustrates how these disciplines can be integrated into our daily practice -- and how they can help us toward inner transformation. Through meditation, fasting, study, solitude, submission, service, confession, worship, and guidance, we can shed our superficial habits and 'bring the abundance of God into our lives'."

Original Self: Living With Paradox and Originality

Product# 460682317
Selling for $13.5

"Spiritual pioneer Moore, the bestselling author of 'Care of the Soul', guides readers back to their God-given personalities with the 50 meditations found in this collection. Woodcut illustrations."

The Sufi Book Of Life: 99 Pathways Of The Heart For The Modern Dervish

Product# 460686886
Selling for $15

"Furnishing meditations on the ninety-nine Qualities of Unity, this reflective handbook explains how to apply Sufi principles to the challenges of modern life, with inspirational commentary on each quality and its relationship to contemporary concerns, along with timeless wisdom from the Sufi masters, stories, lore, and poetry. Original."

Feng Shui

Product# 460765958
Selling for $12.95

"A beautiful new series of full color-illustrated introductory guides covering the basics of today's hottest topics -- from Acupuncture to Zen and the best that's in between. The new, highly interactive format, authoritative text, and visually exciting layout will appeal to a whole new market, providing a perfect introduction to today's most compelling subjects. Feng Shui is the wildly popular ancient Oriental system of organizing your home and workplace in such a way that your chances of health, happiness, and success are greatly increased. Leading practitioner Simon Brown discusses how the placement of objects, furniture, and rooms can change and enhance the harmony and energy of your home. This complete introduction to Feng Shui takes you on a guided tour of your home, apartment, or office -- with practical guidance for analyzing your own space. Full color photographs and diagrams illustrate the text."

The Inner Experience: Notes on Contemplation

Product# 460766254
Selling for $15.95

A final work by the late Trappist monk and civil activist draws connections between his earlier and later writings while drawing on Christian and Eastern traditions to consider the meaning of daily contemplation and the heart of monastic and religious experience. Reprint.

The Power of Karma: How to Understand Your Past and Shape Your Future

Product# 460766426
Selling for $12.95

"Karma is the powerful ancient law of cosmic cause and effect: your actions in past lifetimes can determine what happens to you ... today! Simply put: What goes around comes around. But you do have the power to control your destiny, no matter what your past karma. Renowned psychic, visionary, and noted author Mary T. Browne brings you fascinating real-life stories from her clients who have transformed their lives by changing their karma. With indispensable tips, easy-to-follow exercises, and powerful affirmations, she teaches you how to do the same, so you can find greater health, love, security, and balance in your life. Tapping into the 'power of karma' can help you: Discover the secrets of your past livesSpot the difference between bad karma and bad judgmentRecognize and avoid the 'karmic boomerang'Find powerful love and passion in this lifetimeMake positive 'deposits' in your karmic bank accountFind spiritual growth -- and real change"

The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology

Product# 460767585
Selling for $18

"Campbell offers an explanation of Eastern mythology as it developed into the distinctive religions of Egypt, India, China, and Japan. 'The myth of eternal return, which is still basic to Oriental life, displays an order of fixed forms that appear and disappear through all time'.--Joseph Campbell."