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French: A Self-Teaching Guide, 2nd Edition

Product# 460687897
Selling for $17.95

"Learn to speak French like a native with this essential guide Now you can teach yourself how to speak, write, and read French in just 15 easy-to-follow lessons. Perfect for students, travelers, and Francophiles, this new and revised edition of French: A Self-Teaching Guide helps you master the language at your own pace by taking the mystery out of grammar, common usage, and pronunciation with updated lessons and plenty of self-tests. Focusing on the most frequently used words in the language, this fascinating volume shows you how to enrich your French vocabulary by over 2,000 words?Çöwithout having to resort to monotonous memorization exercises.More than just a language guide, French: A Self-Teaching Guide provides intriguing information on French culture, local customs, and current trends. It also features a special computer section, which includes a drawing of computer parts accompanied by their names?Çöin French and English. Packed with review tests to measure progress, special drills to reinforce new material, and exercises to help you practice your newfound skills, this is the ideal companion for anyone who has ever wanted to learn French?Çöor brush up on their skills?Çöthe easy way."

Street Italian 1: The Best of Italian Slang

Product# 460687951
Selling for $15.95

"Francesca ha una cotta per Giovanni! (trans.): Francesca has a crush on Giovanni! (lit.): Francesca has a baking for Giovanni! Ho mangeato in un ristorante caro, dove mi hanno spennato! (trans.): I ate at an expensive restaurant and got fleeced! (lit.): l ate at an expensive restaurant and got plucked! Mamma mia! Even after years of trying to learn Italian, you still have trouble conversing with a native speaker. Why? Because everyday Italian is filled with slang and colloquialisms. Street Italian 1 is the first in a series of slang/idiom books that teach you how to speak and understand the real language used daily on the street, in homes, offices, stores, and among family and friends. Entertaining dialogues, word games and drills, crossword puzzles, word searches, and 'inside' tips will have you sounding like a native in no time at all."

Dicho y hecho: Beginning Spanish, Student Text and Cassette, 6th Edition

Product# 460688007
Selling for $106.66

"A unified, progressive and communicative approach to learning Spanish. This book features slices of Hispanic life which offer cultural insights and conversation sections to show how language and culture are interwoven. It features a chapter focusing on global problems and issues."

Oxford Activity Books for Children; Book 3

Product# 460767959
Selling for $8.95

"These books are full of creative and amusing tasks for grammar and vocabulary practice, and for reading and writing skills development. 'The Language Learning Cards Packs contain picture, word, letter, and number cards, plus a 'Teacher's Guide with instructions for using the 'Cards and the 'Activity Books."

Oxford Introductions to Language Study; Stylistics

Product# 460768002
Selling for $15.25

"This series provides brief, clear introductions to the main disciplinary areas of language study. This book examines how style is used inliterary and nonliterary texts. The topics include style as a matter of socialization, the production and reception of meaning, the question of perspective, literary criticism, and current issues such as feminist stylistics and critical discourse analysis."

Oxford Basics; Intercultural Activities

Product# 460768008
Selling for $9.95

"'Oxford Basics is a new series of short, accessible books for teachers who may be unfamiliar with communicative methodology. They are a source of guidance and ideas in areas that concern teachers every day in the classroom. Each of these books contains 30 beginning-level activities complete with ideas for boardwork and pictures that can easily be copied. All of the activities are simple and adaptable. They are particularly well-suited to classrooms where there are few resources apart from a board, paper, and pens."